Sunday, January 30, 2011


Oneills Road

Brett Ave

Takapuna South Reef

Takapuna South Reef

Milford Reef

HUH? The bays where I live doesn't usually look like this. It actually only really looks like this maybe once-ish a year.... and if it goes 'bananas' like this it's usually on a Tuesday when your at work and you don't know until you go with you gut instinct and check the beaches after work on the way home. By then it is too late coz you have to go home and play 'dancey dance' with your kids. I was actually on the way to go get a coffee when I saw BB going bonkers with waist height waves. I quickly shot home and grabbed my board and camera. I photoed every beach from waiake to taka. Hope you like ma photy's. PEACE!

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